Janice Dickinson Looks A Bit Sauced, Sucks Face With A Gent [PHOTOS]

My God, Janice Dickinson. You’re 100 years old and have a handful of rehab stints under your belt, so clean up your act.

“The world’s first supermodel” looked not-all-that-sober while leaving Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles Friday night (January 6th).  Her male companion did nothing to help the situation, other than provide a pair of lips to meet hers over and over and over again.

The IRS is after Dickinson for failing to pay her taxes.  According to the Daily Mail, Dickinson is being fined over $43,000 in addition to the $250K she owes Uncle Sam for unpaid taxes over the past two years.  Now we’re starting to get the whole “Get drunk and forget about one’s financial woes” thing.