Janet Jackson’s Looking Slimmer

January 27th, 2006 // 35 Comments

As Janet Jackson’s first video shoot for her new album gets closer and closer, Miss Jackson is shedding the pounds.

The singer was spotted leaving an acupuncture clinic in LA on Wednesday with special pins in her ears. The 39-year-old All For You star dressed down in cap, shades and baggy sports gear for the low-key trip.

“Janet was hiding behind glasses and a baseball cap and although she hardly looks like her old self she’s still instantly recognisable,” says our LA mole. “She left wearing acupuncture points in her ear lobes which are meant to suppress the appetite and also reduce stress levels.”

Sounds like she’s pinning her hopes on alternative therapies to get in shape in time for her next album release, planned for spring.

Janet’s Big Issue [3am]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lady

    poor janet. Not only did she gain 100 pounds but she isrelated to Michael…poor, poor thing…

  2. PleaseThink

    Lady: Poor, poor you. you have such a miserable life that you have to down other people and their family to make you feel better. I am sorry you life has been such a piece of crap, but don’t put other people down to make yourself feel better. Look inside yourself to do that.

  3. TheTruth

    hey PleaseThink,

    If what you say is true, should we feel sorry for you since you feel the need to put Lady down?

  4. Alexi

    To please think,

    perhaps you aren’t thinking enough….or as clever as lady.

  5. T.J.

    Hey, PleaseThink, You’re obviously just looking for somebody to smackdown ~ So, why don’t you go to PerezHilton and rank on the mental defectives that comment on that site? Lady’s comment was offence-free compared to most of shit thrown at The Jacksons.

  6. T.J.

    ^Oops. ‘Offense’

  7. JSM

    I just think… at least she is trying. What if she gave up? I mean we love her and all and life is a pill….baby

  8. lylelyle

    She may be as fat or thin as she likes…Miss Janet has done what she could to give her family back the respectable name it had 35 years ago. She is only one woman, people!!! Sometimes she gets hungry, leave her alone or she’ll start hacking at her body obsessively, too.

  9. PleaseThink

    I just think every family has there problems so who are we to judge anyone. You were her fan back in the day and now you are dogging her out.

  10. PleaseThink

    And I was not putting Lady down I was just stating the obvious

  11. bereal

    by next spring she will get surgery and we will forget how fat she is yet again

  12. lady

    Dear please think
    My life isn’t miserable. I am happy. I have nothing against Janet. She is my favorite Jackson. But please don’t deny that being related to MJ would be a major pain in the bum for anyone.
    And thanks for all of you who stuck up for me :)

  13. T.J.

    “Miss Janet has done what she could to give her family back the respectable name it had 35 years ago.”

    It was especially respectable when Janet bared her boob on national television. LlyleLyle, you need to hook up with PleaseThink, as you’re both out of your fucking minds.

  14. payattention

    T.J. -
    Janet Jackson did not “bare her breast”, Justin Timberlake bared it for her.

  15. Passport Junkie



    you honestly believe that??

  16. kiki

    Janet ALWAYS gains weight like this btw. projects… She has been up and dpwn for years…. Cant be a very healthy way to live!

  17. T.J.


    Gullible, much?

  18. salone

    Janet is all woman a real woman who gains weight and loses like any of us. This why a lot of women have eating disorders, she has been up and down in her weight for years like many of us, I think the public is being way too harsh on her, she will lose it and look fabulous once again, she is not a n ugly woman at all, she might be stressed out

  19. Fugly Girl

    Are we sure that’s not Oprah? Those two are the yo-yo queens.

    And since when does 250lbs look “slimmer”?

    It’s been said many a time on this blog, but I will say it again. These people asked for this fame, we didn’t force it on them. If they don’t want to be made fun of then stay home!…or at least lay off the Ben and Jerry’s.

  20. Katie

    At least she is not puking like Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen or any of those other girls. Janet is a grown woman, who is not playing those games. Janet set the standard for pop especially black pop, so im glad to see someone eating and enjoying their food.

  21. Pootmatoot

    Yall are too dayum crazy! (Laughing Histerically) Did any of yall FORGET that Miss Janet’s Mama is from Alabamy?? That girl is eatin’ pork chops, biscuts an gravey, mashed potatoes…(lickin chops like a wolf) cornbread with a side of yams and peach cobbler for dessert. Remember yall, if janet wasn’t a star, she’d be fat like this all year round with a couple of kids. Stop bashing her because she’s human. Peace!

  22. Sandman


    Janet is the best and will always be an icon. She did her thing, and how many women can do All Nite (Dont Stop) dances at 38 years old? She’ll be hott as ever and here long after most of these new chicks that come out and then gone! So to all the people that hate. Just Stop.

  23. humanmyth

    Fugly Girl, there is no way that Janet is 250 lbs in those pictures. She looks slimmer than I do, and I’m 190. She’s also an inch shorter than I am, so if she was 60 lbs heavier than me, she would look way bigger than that.

  24. MAGNUM P.I.

    Janet, like all people old and young, gain and lose weight. None of us is the same weight we were 10 years ago, or even five years ago. Who really cares if she gained weight. Her music is still some of, if not the best in business today. The haterz on here will be the very same ones buying the cd, downloading her music off the web, and humming her tunes when they shower in the morning and night.


  25. kayla

    yall need to quit yall know yall wrong

  26. Janet is one of the greatest artist in the business and has set a legacy for twenty years this year from 1986 and she is not a artificial women like other artists in her field. She shares her emotions in her music, and allows her fans to share them as she goes through them to grow as she has. I commend her for her authentic courage and can’t wait for her next cd/ number 8!! Much love and Respect Janet!

  27. Jewel Mcneil

    I love Janet and no matter what she stills looks good and got money yah’ll niggas is hating cause ya’ll broke hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  28. Micha

    Janet gained wieght, so who has not, by the way It is clear she loves her broither Michale, it is odd how people can turn on you when they claim they loved so much not so long ago. These people are entertainers no one deserves to be laughed at or made fun of. Maybe if we were more sensitive to other people the world just might end up a better place for all of us short, tall fat thin, rich, poor, on TV or just working for a living. I have a Master’s degree and working on my PHD but that dont make me not a canidate for weight gain or to be made fun of by some insecure idiot in the world.

  29. atlee

    why do we put people down? miss jackson is all woman,we should be proud to have her in this century of music,janet-tell your critics to kiss off.

  30. Ben

    Janets the best performer so leave her alone. come on name someone as succesful and still going at the age of 39 that manages to still be going when her brother has shit going on? COME ON PEOPLE Get real, some of you are so immature, Bottom line : Amazing entertainer leave her alone.
    peace, :> Benny!

  31. LK

    Wow…Most of you actually think Janet looks fat. She looks to me like she went from a size 0 to a size 10. That still makes her smaller than the average woman in America (including me).

  32. Lady D

    This is for everyone bashing Janet! Look in the mirror @ yourselves before bashing someone else. It is so easy to sit back and judge someone without first judging yourself! Instead of bashing her why not show some love and support her, afterall she has given you over 20 yrs of music to that has complimented lifes bullsh–! So I say to all of you if you are a perfect person then keep bashing if your not then leave her alone. If you dont have anything positive to say then dont say anything! I only know of one perfect person and his name is Jesus! Judge not or be prepared to be judged!

  33. how cares shes fat and old

  34. Msbookie

    Janet was and is a beautiful American Icon. Let’s celebrate America’s strengths. Together we can unite. Show we are 1. America the beautiful. Dear Sweet Jesus people, enough hatred. Other countries hate us enough, without dissension amongst ourselves. (disagreement among those expected to cooperate)
    Is the US still #1? How can we go about proving that to others -who watch us berate our own?

  35. TheEssentialWoman

    Ok for all of you celebrity wanna be’s, and fake socialites, Lets start off with the reality/ 160lbs (which if you actually read the truth is what she reportedly now weighs) is not a huge deal. She is a very accomplished and talented African American woman who has done some very great things in her history of being famous outside of the negative reports of her boob story. Get over it. It is unrealistic for any African-American woman or “some white women 4 that matter” to go by this Euro scale of whats a proper weight for a woman. She is not obese. She still is very well put together and as long as its not interfering with her health and quality of work then you should really get a life and stop trying to be carbon copies of Paris and Nicky. they look absoluty hungry, emanciated, and extremely sick ….I’m medium framed and very curvacious and even I wanna throw them a damn porkchop at them!

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