Janet Jackson’s Grammy Look

February 15th, 2005 // 11 Comments


[via Go Fug Yourself]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Oh, sweet Jesus! What has happened to J.J.? She’s turning into LaToya. It HAS to be genetic!!

  2. Ella

    Wonder if she finished up her outfit with a spray of Paris Hilton’s perfume?

  3. Brie

    Janet definitely has had a face lift..:)

  4. Christina

    She looks like she’s wearing a wad of chewing gum

  5. Kaia

    Wretched. Simply Wretched. If that was the ‘best’ choice – can you imagine what the other dresses she had to choose from looked like.

  6. did wendy pepper design that?

  7. Her stylist should be shot.

  8. mediaphyter

    Hmmm, I would call this her second wardrobe malfunction.

  9. ADKpersephone

    Au contraire, I think it is good to see her dressing in an un-angry way. She looks relaxed and happy and loving her voluptuous body.

  10. Ella

    Is that Beetlejuice she is with?

  11. "Kola"

    Oh damn is Janet’s following in big brother’s steps…she’s got a pet chimp,Bubble’s son…oh it’s just J.D.!!! lol. Janet looks stunning.

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