Janet Jackson’s Boob

February 2nd, 2004 // 5 Comments

The real question here should be: did Janet do this to take some of the heat off of her brother? According to The Drudge Report, and common sense the incident was staged. However, viewing some footage after the “exposure” took place (after the lights went off, and they were leaving the stage), the look on Ms. Jackson’s face, was pretty much one of horror. Just another one of those great unsolved mysteries. Where’s Robert Stack when you need him. That’s right, he’s dead. I guess we’ll never know the truth.

I can’t believe the FCC is getting involved. It’s a breast people! Yes it also had a chunk of metal on it, but it’s just a breast. Females have these. Grow up CBS, grow up NFL, and who gives a flying fuck if viewers were flashed a breast. Sooner or later, everyone one is going to see one sometime in their lives. Why shouldn’t it be Janet Jackson’s?

“But what about the children who were watching.” Who cares. See my comment above.

My other thoughts on the performers. Nelly needs to have another hit soon. Why are streakers never in shape? P Diddy can’t lip sync. Beyonce was quite good. That’s it.

Oh not quite. I’ve never understood why fans of winning sports teams feel the need to vandalize and destroy other people’s property in “celebration”? Isn’t that the equivalent of say destroying your bosses desk after he gives you a raise? Just thinking.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ryan

    Leave it to the Massholes to loot the city when the Pats win. That would never happen in New York (insert haughty self-righteous tone of voice here).

  2. Mark

    It was just a boob! While the tittilation factor (no pun intended) can’t be denied, let’s face it, It was just a boob!

  3. Hrm, the nipple shield looks cool though. ;)

  4. It really is pretty stupid how much this has been blowen out of proportion… It was a boob people… The media just loves to blow things out of proportion. Do you really think CBS was angry that people were talking about them for almost a month? NO! Do you think Janet is angry that her new album is going to get the most promotion any album this year is gonna get? I dont think so.

  5. Dena

    Mui is without a doubt the coolest woman alive, even while talking about a boob she is still the lady. Here’s to Mui :)

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