Janet Jackson Should Be Pissed At Mariah Carey

May 25th, 2006 // 21 Comments

The movie role that Janet Jackson reportedly gained all of that weight for ended up going to Mariah Carey. Janet gained half of her body weight for the role, however due to scheduling issues, the role ended up going to Mariah Carey. Maybe Mariah will use the film role as her reason for putting on the weight she did earlier this year.

The singer confesses she was preparing for the unflattering role when she was snapped looking overweight and sluggish in tabloid photos at the end of 2005, but she was sworn to secrecy about the film. Jackson, who recently turned 40, has since shed the extra weight thanks to a hardcore fitness regime.

She says, “I put on the pounds for a film I was to do with Lee Daniels, the producer of Monster’s Ball, which a lot of people didn’t know. They (producers) wanted a full-figured woman. She’s from the South, a waitress … They wanted to see me in a different light, as a heavier woman. I was excited about it. (I ate) whatever I desired: ‘Ooh, that looks good, give me that piece of cake!’ That was the fun part. They had to push the film back. The timing didn’t quite work with trying to finish my album, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the film.”

Carey has since taken over the role.

More photos of a skinny Janet Jackson, after the jump.

Janet Jackson Gained Weight For Movie Role [Starpulse]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. rocklighting

    Oh my god she has a boomin body!!!

  2. Steven

    I knwo alot of peopel are going to say yeah right but i really believe Janet I think she would do just about anything to be taken seriously as an actress. Just like Charlize Theron and Halle Berry did fo rtheir oscar wins.
    Interstingly enough that same movies was supposed to star Macuaghly Culkin and someone else but they’ve all since dropped out of the film. Now mariah is the only name attached. what up with that?

  3. T.

    “…what up with that?”

    You’re retarded, that’s what.

  4. las

    She’s back in shape. Now it’s time for her to have more “malfunctioning” clothing for the media notice.

  5. Leslie

    Come on… we all love Janet, but who would gain that much weight before they sign the dotted line? If you believe that, then you must believe all those instances of celebs becoming “addicted to prescribed pain medication.”

  6. las

    Or suffering from “exhaustion.”

    She hit the chips too hard, that’s all. Happens to everyone.

  7. Betty

    Nice airbrushing on the US Cover.

  8. Rah

    Janet has always had the best abs. When she goes down to her smallest weight, she has the tiniest, flattest waistline, smaller than Britney Spears’ ever was. Janet is also quite muscular. I’m jealous.

  9. Small Fry

    I wonder if that article in US Weekly talks about how she ate one saltine cracker a day, then vomited that back up. Come on people, nobody loses that much weight that fast with a sensible diet and exercise alone.

    I agree with others here. I highly doubt she was ever going to have a role in that film, just another excuse for getting heavy.

  10. tilajo

    Yea, but Janet’s now buff & looking great & Mariah is still & will always be a chubbster.

  11. Anon1

    Janet gains weight between tours/albums every time, she’s been yo-yo’ing since the 80′s. This is nothing new, except now she’s lying about why she gained the weight because the pictures were all over the place. A “sworn to secrecy” movie role that wasn’t even green-lighted, but she went ahead and gained 60lbs? Right, okay Janet. You got fat, it happens, then you lost the weight. Just admit you have a normal 40-year old woman’s metabolism and have to bust your ass like 4 hours a day to get skinny. It’s really okay and people would respect you more for being upfront.

  12. pootmatoot

    You people are sick. Who cares what she gained weight for? Who cares how she lost it? I’m not a big fan of Ms Jackson in the least, but GOD! All you nuts do is live your lives to bash someone elses. Get a grip! Do you pay her bills? Do you help her through her everyday problems? No You just talk talk talk talk TALK. SHUT UP!

  13. dejean


  14. Small Fry

    Pootmatoot, here’s a little tip for you. If you don’t want to get your panties in a twist then stay the F off this website! We’re here to tear people down and make fun of them. Do you really think Janet cares what us peons are saying anyway? I wouldn’t get so worked up over something that nobody really cares that much about.

  15. la

    pootmatoot, shut the hell up. Yes, we have lives, bills, homes, families. Just because we spend a few minutes mocking people who are crass, classless, stupid and self-destructive (what this site is for) does not mean that a simian fool like you can make any sort of judgements.

    You don’t like it? Then shut up and get lost. There are plenty of embittered whackjob sites out there for you to frequent. Where you can talk talk talk talk…

    (Oh, and I don’t buy your claim that you’re not a fan of JJackson’s. It’s obvious you are, and you’re peeved that we’re calling her out for her sudden emaciation)

  16. james1200

    How is anyone supposed to believe that Mariah Carey was given another movie role after the calamity that was Glitter? (it wasn’t a coincidence that Glitter came out a few days after September 11!)

  17. phoenix

    Funny!! how anyone out here can mock the “celebrities” but when the time comes to be mocked at them…….hmm you all are so sensitive.

  18. Temple

    You noticed that too. It’s funny how people can’t take it as good as they give it.

    Pootmatoot, your post struct a nerve. Good job.

  19. mariahfan

    How ever Janet loses or gains her weight that’s her problem. It is weird how she would use the movie for an excuse because who would gain that much weight, knowing it would be hard to lose? That’s just more work for them. Another thing, Mariah is not fat at all. And Glitter wasn’t all that bad. There are movies that are worse. People are always tryin’ to bring a woman down, even though y’all said that’s what you want to do. Just plain pathetic.

  20. BmoreLovesJanet

    Jealousy is not a cute quality to have. U R dumb if u cant think she can lose that amount of weight. 2 years ago my mother hired a trainer and did the same exact thing. She ate right and exercised and lost the same amount as Janet in 4 months too and kept it off. So, stop sitting around and being jealous, and get ur fat butt off ya couch and exercise and u can lose weight too. Its too bad 4 u that u are fat and cant lose weight, so u bash others. Whether she had a movie role or not, thats her business. At least she got off her butt and lost the weight, thats all that matters. She looks good, so leave her alone. Haters!

  21. Chardonnay

    Janet looks great and I do believe she gained the weight for the movie role. I find it funny that Mariah was given the role, box office poison… And is there anyone else more ANNOYING than Mariah Carey?

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