Janet Jackson Is Back In Sweats

November 28th, 2005 // 11 Comments

Okay, so the previous photos posted we’re not of Oprah Winfrey. Obviously the baggy sweats aren’t helping the look, but I’m really amazed at her weight swings. My feeling is that the Michael Jackson trial had a pretty big impact on Janet; hence the weight gain.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. SMroxs

    Maybe Janet was so damn tired of Michael getting plastic surgery so he’d look like her (that’s my theory anyway… that he goes to his surgeon with photos of Janet) that she did the one thing she’s knows he won’t do… get fat.

  2. ortem

    Miu… you are too kind.


    the bottom line is that family is demented. She has always been a bit full. And she blows up liek a whale for all of her off seasons and then diets and works out liek made to get back in shape.

    Oh… and lets not forget the surgery.

  3. erica

    as a true Janet Fan i know she will make a sexy come back….she just needed some time off to live alittle and eat alot…..lol

  4. kevin

    So what she’s fat again at least she’s trying and will get it off again. too many people jealous of celebrities and like them to fail. as for michael..plastic surgeries so what? if you like watching the swan, and like shows you’re a fan of plastic surgery too. and mike last i heard was innocent. but everyone and their grandma thought he was guilty.

  5. Kbebee

    I am shocked. Are these recent within the last month? How quickly did the weight come on? I didn’t see her for ages after “Nipplegate” she looked fine months after. She has to be 50 pounds heavier – it is frightening!

  6. Yasin

    Hey J, Hope to see more elements of Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet. and All For You in the next album! Love Will Never DO Without You “) – Yasin all the way from Singapore.

  7. amelia

    Get over it people. She gained weight, so what? Most Americans are overwieght or have eating disorders like Nicole, Paris, Lindsey, Hillary, and the list goes on. Janet gaining weight doesn’t mean she has any more issues than any other celebrity/Americans. The woman is in her 40s and look damn good compared to most Americans. Get over it people.

  8. Angie

    I am sure Janet will make a marvelous come back. We must realize she is human just as we are and she has the ability to pack on the pounds just like the rest of us. Because Janet is a celebrity I think we are expecting a little too much of her. She is human. . .let her be human.

  9. shonquay washington

    people need to stop kicking in janets back because they already know mhen she comes back out its going to be trouble so ciara mids well hang it up because she trys to hard

  10. anonymous

    Janet is a sloppy hog.

  11. uxobii

    LOL! All the haters are feeling so stupid as of now…Janet shed the extra pounds and is looking awesome. With or without the weight, Miss Janet is still the best! 20 years later….Janet is still awesome and the haters are still haters!


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