Janet Jackson Goes To See ‘Narnia’

January 13th, 2006 // 21 Comments

You just know that one day, all of sudden, she’s going to take off those puffy sweats and be totally cut.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. King Smart Ian

    Can we see the Bigfoot picture again?

  2. jagexpress

    Hell Ya! I Got to Agree with you there… Bitch will whip it off and Ka-Blam … Nasty Gurl Back In Biz!?! Tick Tock Fatty ….

  3. akflave

    Until then let’s just hope there are no wardrobe malfunctions.

  4. biba

    man this one’s a real heifer

  5. timmons622

    Someone needs to practice some Control.

  6. showgurls

    Do yall ever think that maybe she gained weight because of her brother’s legal problems. Some people are emotional eaters so we shouldn’t judge.

  7. timmons622

    This is not an isolated weight gain.

  8. bestdress

    Whoa baby, Janet is not a pretty fat girl. :O

  9. gia

    it would be cool if she was just pregnant

  10. Nadia

    Hate now because we all know when Ms. Jackson steps back on the scene everybody and their Mama will be trying their damnest to be just like her.

  11. Too Many Big Macs

    Why is our society so harsh on fat people? Who cares if she gained weight. I am not overweight myself but I sympathize. Maybe she is tired of being stick thin to please the public!

  12. For Reals

    What if she’s just happy? Some people eat when they’re happy.
    Maybe that retarded duck faced Jermaine Dupri is actually making her happy. Maybe he doesn’t care if she gains weight because maybe…he loves her?

    I love when skinny celebs gain a bunch of weight. Its funny and interesting. Kind of like the celebs who make the worst dressed lists.

    I guess you can’t airbrush abs on that stomach anymore. ;)

  13. Stephanie

    THAT’S NOT JANET. LOOK AT HER NOSE. JANET HAS A SLIM NOSE FROM PLASTIC SURGERY. This girl is just milking the fame of looking somewhat like Janet. Look at socialite’s other janet look-a-like pics here http://socialitelife.com/mt/archives/janet_jackson_is_back_in_sweats.php

    You can tell it’s not her definitley by her nose, extensions, and she’s wearing the same sweatshirt brand in every picture. Have common sense, people…janet’s always been about surgery, so if she was to get fat, I’m sure she would have already had it “shaved” off. I don’t like the Jackson family, but beleiving this chick is Janet is just stupid.

  14. chanda

    Its her, but she is sick… gland problems….


  15. chanda

    stephanie… get a grip.

    its her. its okay, we all know that janet can afford to get skinny again, if she wants to.

  16. Holly

    that so isnt Janet as stephanie sed its not her nose, who the hel thought it was janet and took a photo of a random person?!?

  17. I also saw this pic of janet as well, if it is really her I feel sad for her because her album sales flopped so that could have been cause to eat more plus she’s with JD in atlanta so all that soul food does add up if your not carefull

  18. Nwamaka

    For real, thats janet, its her nose and face, it just looks different coz she got some more fat on her face. Its only weight anyway, i dont really see the big deal

  19. ncrt

    just wanted to say that i love janet jackson…this is sort of eerie though..when did this happen? I don’t believe that she is the one in that picture..who knows!! People just need to stop hating…she is janet jackson but she is human.

  20. Angel135

    I think this whole topic is silly. So, Janet Jackson gained weight. Whats the big deal? Its a shame that in our society so much pressure is pick on women to be a particluar size. There are more pressing issue going on in the world more important than what size Janet jackson is. I think this only topic shows how inmature people are.

  21. Khadejha

    Please everyone is just jealous. Janet can gain and take off like magic. If we all could do that America would be happier.

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