Janet Jackson Enjoys Her Drama-Free Man

At forty, Janet Jackson has finally found a man who she can really enjoy being with. Jackson stated:

“Jermaine is drama-free,” Jackson said at news conference on Friday. “He’s a very giving person. The challenges have been all joy working with Jermaine.”

“I always wanted to find love,” she said. “Now, that I found love, I’m in a different space now.”

Back in October 2005, the 40 year old pop icon squashed rumors about a secret 18 year-old daughter she allegedly had from her first marriage to James DeBarge. Now she says she wants to have kids with Dupri.

“I would love to have kids,’ she revealed. “I never thought I would ever want any. But being with Jermaine really changed my mind on all that. I don’t mind adopting.”

With her “20 Years Old’ album that is scheduled for a September 26 release, Janet been much more revealing in her promotion of this album. Why? She’s in dire need of a hit.

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Written by Lauren Burch

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