Janet Jackson Has Now Removed Every Single One Of Her Ribs

Janet Jackson has completed her typical album release cycle of going from being hefty to being intangible. That can’t be healthy. She does this every album. She records with meat on her bones, and then when it comes time for publicity, she loses the weight.

Jesus. This is a corset fetish pin-up type thing. Is she wearing a napkin ring? Miss Jackson If You Don’t Have A Small Intestine! Sorry, I thought I’d try every single one of the Fashion Disaster quotes I would have submitted to Life & Style if they hadn’t started rejecting everyone of my quips because I was “too mean”. Me?

Here’s Janet at the Kids’ Choice Awards terrifying the children into avoiding eating disorders. And maniacal surgical procedures.

“I could not believe how big I was, how heavy I really was. I would see myself in the mirror, but I wouldn’t look too often. I didn’t want to get used to that image,” she told Extra.

And I don’t want to get too used to this image. Humans should have bones.

Photos: SplashNewsOnline.com