Janet Jackson Steps Out With Boyfriend, Defends Tour

February 23rd, 2011 // 3 Comments

Janet Jackson, who is on the musical comeback trail with her new tour, was spotted out to dinner with her boyfriend in Los Angeles last night. She and Wissam Al Mana grabbed dinner at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills and will kick off the leg of her current tour in the US on March 7.


Recently, her choreographer wrote a letter to the fans explaining why the tour was on a smaller scale and using bits and bobs from previous tours. Basically, because of the financial disaster of her last show with major cancellations and ticket sales, saying:

Let her ride this amazing ride, get in back with good graces, and then when she drops her album, then we r trusted in every way to give u the show u want! A big big show in every way. But because of last tour, I could see how the big heads r skeptical….”Will she make it through this year of performing ? Cancellations?

I mean, it’s not really a surprise that when someone does a more intimate type of show that they are looking to build their fan base up again, not to mention to prove to investors that she’s worth the gamble.

By Justin Thompson

  1. janet jackson
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    I really love this couple!!!!

  2. Robert

    Mr. Thompson, your posting lacks intelligence. I attended several of Janet’s shows during her last tour in several different cities. She was playing arena’s that were sold out, or mostly sold out. The fact of the matter is, she became ill during the tour and had to cancel many dates. Janet Jackson has been a consistent draw on the concert stage for nearly 25 years. She is playing intimate venue’s with multiple dates (Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Atlantic City) and when you take into consideration the fact that she’s selling out these dates and has added more, she is still selling an arena full of tickets. One didn’t hear of any lawsuits from her promoters or tour sponsors regarding the last tour, and since she is playing venue’s all over the world, it would be hard to suggest that investors were that concerned. During her last tour, most major acts were having difficulty selling out arena’s due mostly to the economy. The tour is getting fabulous reviews, her dancing and performances have been on point. Your “facts” are simply incorrect.

  3. JE

    I really am happy for Janet and wish her and Wissam a long life together. They look wonderful together.

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