Janeane Garofalo Says “No More Brazilian Waxing!”

July 2nd, 2010 // 2 Comments

After years, Janeane Garofalo is finally returning to stand up and her first priority? To break the myth about brazilian waxing!

“It couldn’t possibly be true that there are a lot of guys who find adult females with genitals that look pre-adolescent that attractive,” she said. “If they do, that’s a problem.”

Her new special, If You Will, premiered on the cable network Epix, but you can watch clips of it here. She truly is one of the funniest women out there and I wish she’d do more stand up or go on tour!

By Justin Thompson

  1. William Clinton

    Sigh…. she probably also feels the same way about shaved legs & armpits – because they are, after all, hallmarks of “pre-adolescence”, too, right Janeane?

  2. Quin

    Janeane is always trying to tell people what to do and what to feel.

    Who cares what she thinks? People can do or like whatever they want.

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