Jane Fonda and Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Going Clubbing Any Time Soon

April 24th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Even though Jane Fonda’s people claim that she and La Lohan are not feuding, I don’t exactly see a future for these two filled with long game nights and matching tattoos. Apparently, Lindsay’s out-of-control partying and less than professional behavior on the set of her and Jane’s latest film, “Georgia Rule,” prompted Fonda to write the young starlet a note, in which she was chastised for her behavior.

“Jane was miffed and didn’t want Lohan at the movie premiere for ‘Georgia Rules,’ which will be held in Atlanta instead of L.A. on May 7. The Atlanta premiere will benefit the non-profit organization, which Jane Fonda’s co-chair of, G-CAPP,” according to former publicist Jonathan Jaxson. “Last word was that the staff was going to attempt to get Lindsay there regardless, for the media aspect. Jane would not be happy with her appearance, especially if she is diva-like or she doesn’t show when she tells others she will.”

Fonda’s rep’s office calls the story “absolutely not true.”

Hmm…I don’t know, I’d be careful if I were Linds. I hear that to “do the Jane Fonda” can also mean “get bludgeoned to death with a 3-pound weight.” Well, not really, but I’m trying to start some trouble here, so please don’t interrupt.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Sue

    Oh! The video was like falling through a portal to the 1980s! Funny!
    I don’t think I’d mess with Miss Jane, Lindsay is out of her league with this one!

  2. Rememory

    I give Lohan the edge in this fight. She might be crazy as a loon but atleast she hasn’t commited treason yet.

  3. eek!

    Fonda may also get you killed by the North Vietmamese.

  4. Clementines

    Jane.. how shall I put this..? SHUT THE HELL UP YOU WACKY OLD HIPOCRITE! And, reminding you is there anything she hasn’t done?.. and I don’t mean in a kind, moral, sane and natural sense.

  5. really

    Some people need to learn how to spell before they insult others, it’s spelled “Hypocrite”.

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