Jane Lynch Launches Innovative College Financing Education Website [Exclusive Video]

July 20th, 2012 // Leave a Comment
Jane Lynch
Jane Lynch Wants You To Be Able To Afford College!

Glee star Jane Lynch is teaching students a new subject these days and that is the understanding of student loans. The Emmy-award winning actress talked with us about “Don’t Major in Debt”, a campaign that launched a new innovative website teaching students about options for financing a college education and re-paying their student loans.

On July 17, the campaign partnered with the creative & production team of the theatre phenomenon SLEEP NO MORE, to create an interactive telling of the campaign in Manhattan. Watch our interview Jane Lynch while she discusses the importance of this website and the seriousness behind student loans.

For more information on student resources for funding college you can check out the website at www.collegefinancecenter.org.

By Toby Cadengo

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