Jane Fonda Might Love Ryan Gosling More Than We Do, So Much She Sat On His Face!

How Could She Resist?!
We totally relate to Jane Fonda's Gosling obsession!
News flash everyone!  There’s a new Ryan Gosling super fan in town that just might be more obsessed with him than you are!

All this time we thought we were the most Gosling obsessed but turns out Jane Fonda is claiming that title in a very interesting way.  Turns out the 76-year-old actress loves Ryan so much that she chooses to sit on his face whenever possible!  Now before your mind goes to the gutter, let us explain! 

Jane was seen toting around a chair with Ryan’s beautiful face plastered on the seat cushion, on the set of her new sitcom Grace & Frankie.  First of all, can we get a mass order of these chairs?  Second, who knew she was such a fan?!  We are loving that she has Ryan Gosling-fever just like we do. Just picturing her getting upset over the news of him and Eva Mendes having a baby makes me laugh.

She was probably just as disappointed (as were we!) at the fact that she could never be Ryan’s baby mama.  I could weirdly see Ryan going for Jane Fonda, he’s dating Eva so clearly he likes older women.  Also, she still looks pretty damn good!  I swear the women doesn’t age, have you seen her body!?  This chair really is genius though.  It’s perfect for when you get tired and you can always take a piece of Ryan with you! Someone should really create a line of Gosling patterned furniture.  I have a feeling it would sell very well.

Jane is set to star along side Lily Tomlin in the new Netflix comedy.  The two actresses will play rivals who discover their husbands want to run off with each other.  Martin Sheen and Brooklyn Decker also co-star.  Grace & Frankie will debut in 2015.

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