Jamie Spears Spotted Buying Groceries Looking Over It All

So, in the midst of all of our technical difficulties, I almost forgot to mention that I had a few sightings last night at my Ralphs grocery store in Studio City. First off, I parked my car and realized that at the rate I was walking toward the elevator in the parking garage, I was going to end up sharing an elevator with Ivan Sergei (whom I’ve thought was dreamy ever since I saw him in The Opposite of Sex and Jack & Jill) and a woman whom I presume was his girlfriend, since they were holding hands.

I held the elevator door open for them, despite the fact that I’m not big into talking to celebrities (it makes me uncomfortable–unless it’s my good buddy, Kevin Bacon, of course) and was rewarded with a friendly bit of small talk from Ivan and his girlfriend. He asked me, “Soooo, how’s your day going?” and I rolled my eyes and told them, “I’m so over it.” Cause you know, it’s so hard being me. We had our moment and they were both very adorable and friendly and we’re totally meeting up next weekend for a few games of Parcheesi. OK, I made that up. I don’t know how to play Parcheesi.

Then, I rushed through the store, finding the staples I needed and when I reached the fruit and vegetables section, I quickly squeezed past a man pushing a grocery cart and I’m 95% sure it was Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie Spears. I wanted to tell him that he was doing a great job of keeping Brit-Brit under control and that I was looking forward to her upcoming guest spot on How I Met Your Mother even though I never watch the show, but he looked like he’d had a long day and just wanted to get some apples in peace and quiet.

I do think it bodes well for her, though, that he was in such a healthy section of the store–far from any Cheetos or Red Bulls and…pregnancy tests.