Jamie Lynn Spears Registered For Baby Swag

Jamie Lynn Spears drove eighty miles to Baton Rouge, Louisiana from the Spears family manse in Kentwood on Thursday to register her baby at Babies R’ Us. EIGHTY MILES? Was she trying to avoid paps? There’s nowhere closer to sign up for baby treasure? Her cousin, who also registered, accompanied her. Knocked up family trip, y’all!

Jamie listed Casey Aldridge as her “co-registrant” and included a note for shoppers that said “Thank you for supporting us during this special time.” She was said to be flashing the new engagement ring that Casey got her from Wal*Mart.

And the swag? It was pretty low-key. Jamie Lynn turns 17 on April 4, so she probably doesn’t know to really gouge people yet. I give her props for not going all J-Lo. She registered for items ranging from a $1.49 teething ring to a $300 car seat. She also asked for an ultrasound frame, a Cookie Monster bath towel and a Baby Neptune Ocean Gym. She chose things in green, so no one knows what the sex is.

Given her background, we’re lucky she didn’t go for the “I’m Only Here For The Beer” onesie and Baby’s First Weave.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com