Jamie Lynn Spears On the Road to Becoming Britney With Pregnancy Confirmation

December 19th, 2007 // 28 Comments

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Britney learned of her sister’s pregnancy when word of it hit the media, but that publicly, she is denying the news, having had recently told paparazzi late last night on a shopping expedition definitively, “My sister’s not pregnant!” Reportedly, the rest of the family learned of the news on Thanksgiving, while Brit only just found out Tuesday.

Jamie Lynn Spears has confirmed to OK Magazine that she’s gotten herself knocked up! She told the magazine that the father is Casey Aldridge, who she has been dating for some time and first met at church, and she’s keeping the baby. Nickelodeon (which airs Jamie Lynn’s show “Zoey 101″) issued the following statement this afternoon: “We respect Jamie Lynn’s decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn’s well being.”

By Michael Prieve

  1. Lola

    Wow… and to think she had SO much potential. I mean I was really rooting for her after that trainwreck of a sister.

    *shakes head sadly*

    Well, at least she’s owning up to her responsibilty. I applaud her for that, but jeez…

  2. Janepitt

    Not exactly defending Jamielynn, because the problem exists everywhere. Kiesha Castle-Hughes just gave birth at 17 and all of the baby blog sites just praise her. She’s from New Zealand so the problem is everywhere. These girls all became pregnant by adults. So sad that this baby will give Jamielynn’s career the boost her acting and singing never will.

  3. Ugh

    Just another example of a 16 year old who wasn’t raised with any morals.

  4. Ugh

    Just another example of a 16 year old who wasn’t raised with any morals.

  5. Chaz

    I was also amused (in the bad way) that Jamie Lynn was said to be “shocked” to find out she was pregnant. Unless your uterus has been removed or you’re a virgin, how can anyone ever be shocked to be pregnant? It’s kind of the normal byproduct of a certain activity.

    What does it say about the Spears family that their first instinct upon getting news like this is to run for the tabloids (and a tabloid that pays for stories, at that)? This child will be whored out his/her entire life.

  6. Julia

    Oh. My. God.

  7. Applespice

    I think with these two girls it’s more of a parenting problem than anything.

    I think JLS will be a more responsible parent than her sister though.

  8. Foolish people

    I think its funny how she can’t make her own mistakes without being compared to her older sister. She’s young and has a long way to go so get off her back. And please don’t blame it on the parenting. There are plenty of underaged girls here in America that are pregnant and its because of choices they’ve made, NOT the parents. You can teach you kids to do whats right but its up to them to do it. Instead of putting her down, why not pray for her and the well-being of her unborn child and the other teens out there facing similiar situations who don’t have the luxury of money and fathers they will stick by them and their children. Try praying for those teens who don’t have the love and support of family through such a scary situation. Remember God has a purpose for that child/ren and he’s using her/them to bring these babied here to serve his purpose. Not to be subjected to your ridicule and misery. Try uplifting someone for a change. Don’t be that miserable. And a lot of you out there are pretenders because some of you have had pregnancy scares and some of you have been pregnant at young ages or gotten someone knocked up. Just because you chose an alternate route doesn’t give you the right to pass judgement. I could go on for days but whats the point when people seek out others pain and rough times to make themselves feel better. A really sick society.

  9. Zekers

    Foolish people said:
    “I could go on for days but whats the point when people seek out others pain and rough times to make themselves feel better. A really sick society.”

    This statement begs the question:

    Then what brings you to this fine gossip blog???

    Do you not see the hypocrisy of your rambling?

  10. Amy

    Not that I think this is good news…but she definitly isnt the first young girl in the world to become pregnant at such a young age. It happens a lot in many countries…not just the USA.

  11. Amy

    Not that I think this is good news…but she definitly isnt the first young girl in the world to become pregnant at such a young age. It happens a lot in many countries…not just the USA.

  12. DaneMTex

    I guess my primary reaction to this is we have 9 months of ramp up to the baby’s arrival, so that means 9 months of tabloid style poking and prodding at every turn this kid makes.

    I also find it very troubling that she has (had more likely) a hit TV series, oriented to kids. I’d guess it’s pretty likely that is now officially over.

    My 15 year old step-daughter referred to herself (kiddingly, but still) as a slut the other day… thanks so much to these two sisters for pouring gas onto that flame.

  13. peachpie

    i agree with Julia…

    oh. my. god.

  14. LeslieD

    I am not defending her but I have lots of family and friends that have family and friends that have pregnancies at a young age. If everyone waited until they were ready financially and mentally there would be far less babies (maybe no babies ;). Yes, I am all for planned parenthood but in reality, unplanned pregnances happen here and around the world. You should love and support the parents to be regardless of the age. There are just as many 30 and 40 year olds having babies that are just as unprepared for parenthood. Give the kids a break.


    Speaks volumes don’t it my Jeezie Creezie hypocrites!

  16. flatbellydance

    Unreal. I was up late last night when this story broke on other blogs, and just — unreal.

    I think the point here is less about her being 16 (I mean, c’mon – this is the entertainment business, the usual rules don’t apply to these people), and more about her being a Spears.

    I don’t doubt that it was a “shock”, although I don’t buy just how shocked she was. Even Louisians know how babies are made. She was just careless, which seems to be a Spears’ legacy. But the point now, I think, is what will happen from here on. Doesn’t anyone else think this kid will serve Lynne as the grandchild who isn’t tainted by a crazy mother and a nasty divorce? Therefore, watch the books coming out, wait for the talk shows…Lynne will milk this one from the beginning. Doesn’t anyone else think this baby will be the next meal ticket, once Lynne gets her hands on it? Doesn’t anyone else think that Britney will be even more of an outsider with this new arrival?

    The facts are there – JL and Lynne are close. This babydaddy might as well move on – he’s done his job, supplied the sperm for the next wave of cash to come in. JL is an immature, ridiculous little girl who thinks she is much more grown up than she is. We’ll see her on the Today show, snapping gum and crying to Matt Lauer just like her big sister.

    But to me, the real crime here is just how much Lynne is calling the shots, how much she’s benefiting from the destruction of her daughters. I think people need to be taking a closer look at Lynne.

  17. PinkWeenie

    Lynne SHOULD be calling the shots. She is still the mother of this minor child. Say what you will about her parenting, mistakes, etc. It is her child, her children, and her right to be as crappy a parent as she is, has been, and will be for years to come.

  18. Kelsey

    The issue that is so shocking is not that she is 16 and pregnant; it’s true that this happens all over the world! The issue is that this is the second unwanted pregnancy in this family that is going to be born to another daughter of the Spears family and who isn’t ready for it! The point is that she didn’t learn from her sister. I would be less inclined to blame parenting if one sister was a screw up, but now there at 2 kids that are headed down that path. That’s a lot of evidence against the Spears parents. In any case, I hope this next generation of Spears can keep their acts together despite their parents actions and ages.

  19. Bird

    Best wishes to Jamie Lynn and the baby; hopefully they’ll both come out of it healthy. Shit happens, guys, and that’s all there is to it.

  20. anon

    um….have they heard of contraception?

  21. Jeanie

    These Spears women are either extremely fertile or extremely ignorant about birth control. I remember back in high school when three girls from my church youth group got pregnant. The church is so busy preaching abstinence that girls are too afraid to talk to anyone about birth control.

  22. stimpygato


    1) A 16yo star of a Nickelodeon show aimed at adolescent girls got pregnant, and was “surprised”. I guess her home schooling health class omitted reproductive systems, and now her shelf life as a role model has run out.

    2) Lynne Spears’ upcoming parenting book “Motherhood 101″ is probably D.O.A.

    3) Everybody enjoys a good family trainwreck of “DYNASTY” proportions… for that we THANK YOU SOCIALITE LIFE!!!

  23. Hey Cupcake

    Ger, honey, you’re confused.

    “come on you peeps quit being judgmental. This sisters are not the only fucked up in american society. At least she’s keeping the baby and it’s her boyfriend who fathered it there are way too many younger americans who’ve had abortions so many times and not to mention the teens who contracted STDs. Glad i won’t be raising my kids in this sad and confused country.”

    Sure sounds lil’ bit judgemental, no?

    I wouldn’t say having a baby at 16 with the “boyfriend who fathered it” is necessarily the smartest and best choice, particulaly if you’re not a Spears girl and haven’t been born with a platinum stupid stick up your ass. And there’s no saying she’s not riddled with STDs.

    But yes, thanks for raising your kids elsewhere! We have plenty in this country already, thanks.

  24. she’s a Spears. no surprise.

  25. Vanesa

    Pero bueno, estas chicas que lo tienen (y han tenido todo)en la vida no saben que existen lso anticonceptivos?
    Deben tenes un CI más pequeño que el de un conejo…

  26. fartmonkey3

    is she quiting :(


  28. Rebeckah Vance

    ya’ll need to just shut up. there is nothing wrong with that. most people are 14 or 15 when they have baby’s atleast she is legal to drive before she got pregnant. do you people always have to critisize some body. if you do ya’ll are just like paprazzie. don’t make fun of somebody elses just because you can’t grow up and get a life. can’t wait to see how old you are when you have babies you criticks.

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