Jamie Lynn Spears Is Out Of A Job

Oh snap, it’s all coming down now. Reports are saying that this will be the final season for Jamie Lynn Spears’ show “Zoey 101″ which airs on the children’s cable television network Nickelodeon. It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not her recent pregnancy reveal has anything to do with the series being wrapped up, but I know it has nothing to do with global warming, the writer’s strike or my decision to actually go back to the gym in the new year. So I’m guessing her getting knocked up at 16 is probably the cause. Her show’s demographic by the way is children and tweens 9 – 14. Who probably shouldn’t be sporting stretch marks or know how to use a diaper genie at this young age. A source says that the show looks like it has been “canned” after the final two episode’s air. Knowing this country, the Nickelodeon executives will probably write her character out in a plane crash rather than having anything close to a pee stick with a blue plus sign show up in one of their character’s hands.