Jamie Lynn Spears’ Babydaddy Pulled A Gun

April 8th, 2008 // 8 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiance and babydaddy Casey Aldridge were out and about in an all-terrain vehicle and rolled up on a photog. Casey wasn’t having it and reportedly flashed a piece after telling the pap to beat it. That is some mountain man shit right there. These people are hillbillies and I love them for it.

Casey also yelled to the pap that he was on private property. After flashing the alleged weapon, he and Jamie headed for the moonshine still for refreshment. Well, Jamie Lynn probably stuck to Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla or whatever it is the backwoods knocked up girls are drinking these days.

Here’s a pregnant Jamie Lynn leaving Connie’s Jewels & Gifts in Kentwood, Louisiana today. I hope Connie sold her something nice that she can wear to Ruby Tuesday’s with her man. Salad bar!

Photos: INFDaily.com

More photos of Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are after the jump.

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Photos: INFDaily.com

By J. Harvey

  1. Angie H.C.

    Go, Casey! These kinds of Web sites love to make “country” people look like idiots, but we all know the truth. When you have a young woman and a young man just trying to live their lives and some joker with a camera comes running up (for what??? why????), it’s OK to let him know he’s bothering you. You did a good job!
    These “journalists” can’t get their directions right (Ruby Tuesdays is “right outside of Kentwood? Uh, nooo), they can’t get their information correct (“… pulled a gun?” Only in your dreams – to make more money), and they can’t find anything else to do but chase people around and make fun of them (I’d say those who chase people around with cameras are the goobers, wouldn’t you?)

    Good luck to you and Jamie both. We “hillbillies” are behind you!

    Signed: A friend who is in Prairieville, La., but is from Osyka, Miss., which is closer to Ruby Tuesdays than Kentwood is!

  2. Aubrey

    I’m not liking her maternity wear.

  3. Nancy Smith

    Oh yes as opposed to the GUNLESS city slickers in other parts of the country,notably hollywood. That’s a good one.

  4. jjm

    You’re never supposed to pull a gun unless you plan on using it or feel your life is threatened! I think he can be charged with Criminal Menacing and since he is under 21 he can’t own a handgun, so it is probably a toy!

  5. Mark

    He’s a FAG!

  6. y’all need to leave this girl alone already ok brittney too and i dont believe dat he pulled again so shut up! we love you jamie and friends


  7. Destiny

    There aint nothing wrong with a country person…. so why yall wanna go around making fun of country people for not being a stuck up snob yall should really take a reality check! Yea they are famous but they are people too. So how about getting out of their lives and letting them live it!

  8. jamiara& diamond

    is chase your babydaddy

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