Jamie Lynn Spears Moving Into the Trailer Park?

February 18th, 2008 // 10 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears, the 16-year-old mommy-to-be allegedly already has a history of hard living and binge drinking under her belt, reports Star magazine. A local teenager from Jamie Lynn’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana spilled to the tabloid that the before she was pregnant, the “Zoey 101″ star frequently drank, but was careful to keep it behind closed doors. The source revealed that Spears often “drank to get wrecked,” hoping to forget her family problems. Additionally, it was reported by the tipster that Casey Aldridge was not Jamie Lynn’s first. “There were at least two others. I know that 110 percent.”

Additionally, the mag reports that Jamie Lynn has resigned herself to a new life as a mother and that she and Casey Aldridge have invested in a double-wide trailer. I feel like I could have believed all of that until they went too far and threw in the trailer bit.

More photos of Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. spaz

    Yeah, the trailer bit made it not believable.

    she’s got enough $ to buy a house.

  2. ella

    hahaha I don’t know what’s so hard to believe about her moving into a trailer. :P Seems totally in-character and reasonable for her.

  3. christie

    she has a range rover but she can’t afford a house? so unbelievable. this “source” just looking for some dough.

  4. christie

    she has a range rover but she can’t afford a house? so unbelievable. this “source” just looking for some dough.

  5. yes .she get so many !!!
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  6. Jenn

    Right. Her sister is worth 100 million dollars and Jamie Lynn is moving into a trailer. I think NOT!

  7. Your Mama

    She’s just returning to her roots. She’s trash. Trash should know its place.

    A double-wide trailer with an rusty, empty keg and a deflated kiddie pool in the front yard is how her whole family would be living today, if not for the excellent pimping skills of Mommy Lynne and Daddy Jamie.

    You go, Jamie Lynn trash. Keep on keeping it real!

  8. LeslieD

    Give her a chance–she is just a kid entering into motherhood under the microscope of her big sister’s antics. She needs support–not ridicule. They are a family in crisis and the stereotyping satire helps no one.

  9. grey

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  10. libby

    hey! jamie ur only 16 years old and might get married at 17 girl u r nuts i mean ur only 16 or 17 and from zoey 101 u must have made enough to live in a vintage home on a lake and a swing i mean live in a nice little home it doesnt have to be big or small it a baby it needs comfort not rusty wheels.

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