Jamie Lynn Spears Isn’t Rushing To The Knights Of Columbus Hall To Get Married

Jamie Lynn Spears is reportedly in no hurry to set a wedding date. Jamie, 17, is engaged to Casey Aldridge, 18, and having his hillbilly. She’s taking her sweet ass time to set a date. Seriously, do these teen wedding things EVER work out? This is not Degrassi: The Next Generation. These two will end up DESPISING each other. She’ll take the baby and run back to Hollywood, and he’ll…..chew dip.

“Jamie Lynn just got engaged – she’s taking her time and enjoying it,” a long-time “friend” says. “She wasn’t even expecting Casey to propose. She’s got baby on the brain and is really loving her pregnancy.”

Hell no. She’s just being nice. The second that kid is outside her body, the wedding is off. There is no way in hell you can keep em’ down on the farm when they’ve seen Paree. Or Burbank.

Photos: Splash