Jamie Lynn’s Million Dollar Bun in The Oven Should Arrive in Spring

Not that long ago, Jamie Lynn claimed she didn’t have a boyfriend and was “keeping her options open.” In an interview she gave to the Associated Press, she talked about plans to attend Louisiana State University, with no intention of ever relocating to Los Angeles. Keeping her options open? That’s an interesting way for a sixteen-year-old to put it. It sounds like a fancy way of saying, “I’m sleeping around, but I’m using birth control.” But not consistently, I’m guessing. Well, I’ll be curious to see if Jamie Lynn will still have a job after this. I’m not guessing pregnant teenagers are a hot commodity at Nickelodeon. Either way, though, Jamie Lynn stands to make a pretty penny off the pictures of her baby, once it’s born. Mama Lynn Spears has been in close contact with OK! Magazine since her eldest daughter’s meltdown and it sounds like mother and daughter have negotiated a deal in which Jamie Lynn will earn $1 million for the photos. Also, word has it that Jamie Lynn’s actually further along in her pregnancy than just 12 weeks, with the baby most likely to arrive some time in the spring of 2008. Well, I guess with all the problems this family faces, at least infertility isn’t one of them.

Photos: Splash