Jamie Lee Curtis Throws Lindsay Lohan A Bone

Jamie Lee Curtis told OK! Magazine that she feels compassion for her Freaky Friday co-star Lindsay Lohan, according to Digital Spy.  Curtis knows nothing about the case or circumstances surrounding Lohan, other than what’s been reported in the news.  The only thing Curtis could say on the matter is that she feels empathy for Lohan. 

“These young people are thrust into a 24-7 camera and the thing that
makes the press is the most exaggerated behaviours.

then they’re thrown out there in this media circus – and I can never
judge one of them because I don’t know them, but I feel tremendous
empathy for this overwhelming set of circumstances. I couldn’t handle
having a camera on me 24 hours a day.”

While I appreciate Jamie Lee Curtis’ rationalizing of Lohan’s idiot behavior (spotted here doing court things like probation touch-bases and lawyer meetings in LA August 30th), I myself have no compassion for the twit.  Here is a girl with immense talent, and she just drives that car full of talent right into a stone wall (figuratively.  I don’t recall where her actual car crashes took place).  You’ve been given oodles of money and free stuff, and people think you’re a decent actress. What do you do with that? Throw it all to sh*t!  Of course it doesn’t help that her parents are incompetant

Young Hollywood really chaps my ass.