Jamie Foxx Shows Off His Stuff

February 5th, 2007 // 13 Comments

(Mavrix Photo)

And the ladies are enjoying the view. Jamie decided to hit the beach while he was in Miami for the Super Bowl. He caused quite a stir when he stripped off his shirt, with his bodyguards had to step it up a bit.

(Mavrix Photo)

By Jessica Marx

  1. am i the only

    am i the only one who thinks he’s gayer than gay???

  2. body by dow (corning0

    The abs aren’t bad, but those are totally implants. He’s got bigger boobs than me.

  3. rootabega

    god i cant stand him.

  4. Nechyfer

    He is gay!!!
    Looks like his body guard or the guy in whte in the large pix is checking out the BACK VIEW!
    ewwwwww fug ug ug ug

  5. calgarygirl

    He is so annoying! I won’t even watch a movie if he’s in it. He is fugly!!! He thinks he IS Ray Charles now. Loser. His body isn’t even that hot, and his bug bunny teeth are nasty. Can’t this guy just go away?

  6. Kathy K

    He’s ugly, he’s arrogant,and he’s too ignorant to realize what a loser he really is. Get lost, loser.

  7. dgo

    he is not at ALL attractive. with or without clothes. Gay or not. speaking of which, why isn’t Idris Elba given more shine? he is de-LOVELY!

  8. Tommy

    Sorry Ladies- I disagree. His bod is a definite
    My favorite shirtless scene of DELICIOUS JAMIE is
    in the movie BAIT where he semi-conscious, naked
    from the waist up & tightly handcuffed to a chair.
    You can’t help but get sexually aroused. My first
    priority would be a major TASTE TEST from head to
    toe. Why I wouldn’t even mind if he launched into
    a song once he got his bearings & realized he was
    about to be EXPLOITED BIG TIME!

  9. Thomas

    The scene from BAIT is a REAL TURN-ON but I would
    have taken a different approach with ‘Jamie Boy.’
    I’d look to establish early on WHO WAS BOSS so
    I’d quickly snap him to attention by firing off several crushing downward blows to the face. Once
    on QUEER STREET with fair amounts of blood seeping
    from both his nose & mouth, I’d move towards TOTAL
    MANIPULATION of his beautifully buffed bod. Quite
    anxious to capture every nook & cranny of his mar-
    velous musculature on film I’d freely position his
    arms & legs every which way. Our CHOICE CHOCOLATE
    CELEBRITY would be put thru the ringer- plenty of stalking & taunting followed by an old fashioned
    pummeling to pound home the fact that he wouldn’t
    be leaving MY CLUTCHES anytime soon & that ’til
    further notice he’d be my own personal SEX SLAVE
    that respectfully only answers- “yes master” when called.
    him, taunting him, pummeling him at will ’til I’ve
    succeeded in turning him into

  10. Thomas

    I remember the movie BAIT very well- specifically
    that scene where “Jamie Boy’ was so DELICIOUSLY
    DISPLAYED. What made it even more SENSUAL was the
    fact that he was presented UTTERLY DEFENSELESS. If
    I were the villian responsible for this dasturdly deed I’d have gone a few steps further. First I’d
    make sure early on he knew exactly WHO WAS BOSS by
    firing off a series of chopping downward blows to
    the face. Once on QUEER STREET with blood seeping
    from his nose & mouth, I’d launch into a TOTAL
    MANIPULATION of his beautifully buffed bod. I’d
    put this CHOICE CHOCOLATE CELEBRITY thru the
    ringer positioning his arms & legs as I so desired
    while photographing every nook & cranny of his MARVELOUS MUSCULATURE. He’d be taunted & pummeled
    at will ’til come evening’s end, I’d double pound
    home with my bare fists the bad news that he had
    officially become my own PERSONAL SEX SLAVE- at
    my daily sexual beck & call addressing me at all
    times with a respectful- “you called Thomas.”

  11. Tamiko

    Come on fellas lets try to control those RAGING
    HORMONES. It’s not easy I know with those internet
    glimpses of Jamie struttin’ round nearly naked in
    his favorite boxer briefs. He is one MAGNIFICENT
    MASS OF MUSCLE- ‘specially when he’s on a daily
    wokout regimen, pumping iron & fine tuning for an
    upcoming movie. Several years ago I remember view-
    ing a segment on his popular TV show where he was
    spoofing rapper D’Angelo’s latest MTV video from
    Voodoo- “Untitled.” That’s the one where he’s
    standing IN HIS BIRTHDAY SUIT in front of a micro-
    phone mouthing lyrics while twisting & gyrating his lean well-oiled torso to pulsating music. His
    ACCORDIAN-LIKE WASHBOARD ABS were mezmorizingly
    highlighted with picture-perfect prominence. Well
    Jamie actually offers up an even MORE DELICIOUS
    PRESENTATION. With added bulk & thickness in his
    upper chest & arms, he projects a THUG-LIKE SEXI-
    NESS that has everyone DROOLING UP A STORM. He too
    twists & gyrates his God-given definition to maxi-
    mum delight but it’s the dizzying multitudes of
    angles that make any comparison a mute point. In
    fact it’s the HOTTEST this CHOICE DREAM MACHINE
    has ever looked- so much so that in a bare knuck-
    les back alley brawl he’d flatten D’Angelo like a
    pancake. I too have my fantasies about FOXY JAMIE
    but I’d like to think they’re all controlled. I
    do find the need every so often to slowly undress
    in front of the numerous pleasing poster of him
    that thoroughly cover the walls of my apartment.
    Sure he’s cocky, pompous & arrogant but he has A
    BODY TO DIE FOR! In closing nobody’s mentioned a
    couple other wonderful assets Jamie has- his THICK
    can play around with him one night a week- I just
    want to have his baby. And I don’t mind in the
    least cleaning all those sopping wet bed linens
    resulting from MY RAGING HORMONES. Three can play
    this game!

  12. skyler walters

    DAMN!!!!!! i am sorry but jamie foxx is to fine and i would love to kiss him touch him and just rub him i mean damn just LOOK AT THAT STOMACH!!!! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!

  13. skyler walters

    DAMN!!!!!! i am sorry but jamie foxx is to fine and i would love to kiss him touch him and just rub him i mean damn just LOOK AT THAT STOMACH!!!! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!

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