Jamie Foxx & Robert Downey Jr.’s Duet For ‘The Soloist’

Right on the heels from Jamie Foxx’s apology to Miley Cyrus for his sass, the Oscar winner is switching gears to promote his new film with Robert Downey Jr. in The Soloist. At the premiere, Jamie was joined by a not-yet-bald Halle Berry on the red carpet and sexy-but-in-a-manic-way Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Early reviews of the portrayals delivered by RDJ and Foxx are very favorable and these two will most likely be very busy next awards season. But then again, if you decide to star in a film playing a homeless musician with a mental illness and then journalist determined to champion the man’s story, you better know that you’re going to be getting nominated all over the place.

Meanwhile, on a total side note, Eva Pigford is looking very glam with her long, luxurious locks and sexy shoes.

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