Jamie Foxx is in ‘The Foxxhole’

Do we really need more Sirius radio channels? The latest celeb to jump on the Sirius bandwagon is Jamie Foxx, who is set to launch “The Foxxhole” (sounds kind of dirty, don’t ya think?), an entertainment and lifestyle radio channel

Foxx, 39, who is also a Grammy nominated singer, will serve as executive producer, on-air host and contributor for the channel on a daily basis.

The 24/7 channel will launch in the spring and will feature urban comedy bits from comedians, as well as showcase music, skits, radio theater and more.

“The Foxxhole will break new ground in comedy, blurring the lines between stand-up, sketch and music,” Foxx said in a statement. “SIRIUS Satellite Radio gives me the opportunity to create urban entertainment and programming like you have never heard on the radio.”

I’m still waiting for he Emmanuel Lewis channel.

I’m not sure what Janice Dickinson and Candace Bushnell were doing there (they don’t seem real urban to me), but Jamie looked to be a little frightened of Janice (check out the middle three photos below).

More photos from the red carpet celebrating Jamie Foxx’s “The Foxxhole” after the jump.

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