Jamie Foxx Forgot to Pay His Bill

February 16th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Ever since I read Samantha Ronson’s account of how he acts when he’s up in the club (Jamie Foxx is an Arrogant Attention Whore at Clubs), I’ve been irritated by this guy. Now he’s not paying people . Tighten up your game, Foxx. And you’re not Ray Charles! Jesus.

Freelance celebrity stylist Stacy Young filed suit against Foxx and his Foxxhole Records label Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, accusing him of failing to pay his full tab after she dressed him for the 2006 BET Awards in June and then again in July for a series of Miami Vice press junkets.

My hater games aside, Jamie’s busy. He’s sure to make the awards show rounds, and he’s set to interview Sidney Poitier (cool) for Oprah’s Oscar special (aka Screw You, Babwa!) that airs Feb 22. Just ease up on the call and response Ray Charles bullshit. Even Ray is laying in his coffin and wishing you’d shut the hell up, already.

By J. Harvey

  1. $2,850 a day to call Neiman’s? Joke.


    P.S. The studio should really have supplied him with a stylist for those junket appearances.

  2. sandy

    I have to remember to read you first in the morning. You ALWAYS make me laugh. Thanks…

  3. brian

    Regarding “Jamie Foxx is an arrogant attention whore at clubs”,I don’t think the words “at clubs” were needed.”Arrogant attention whore” pretty much sums him up.Well,maybe adding in “annoying jackass” would work too.

  4. Mark

    Seriously…I really mean it, seriously, is he like super cross eyed? Or maybe part Mongoloid because he just has this Special Olympics look to him I just can’t figure out.

  5. Gissi

    yo guy. yall need to back up of tha man swagga. No matter wht you say he aint gon change so leave is ass alone. and i don’t think you people should be talking cause you aint better than him we’re all tha same in some weired way or another. HOP OFF HIS DICK G!!

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