Jamie Foxx Annoys DJ Samantha Ronson

DJ “IT” girl, Aaron Carter…er…I mean…Samantha Ronson was working a People Magazine party on Thursday when, much to her dismay, Jamie Foxx hoped on stage. TMZ reports:

According to Ronson’s MySpace page, Jamie Foxx “kinda mc’d the event … which to be honest was really annoying — he’s funny for about 3 minutes — then it’s just self-indulgent look at me s**t.”

Sam has DJed before at parties where Foxx showed up, and claims that he pulls the same number every time; he has his people request songs that only he likes, then for attention, gets up and sings the “Golddigger” chorus when it plays.

“DJ Sam” who can be seen in the new GAP ads dancing around a ginourmous gold peace sign, is supposed to be the hottest new DJ around. Wayne was unimpressed. I thought I was at a bad wedding in 1986 where the DJ changes the song every 45 seconds and refuses to take requests, even from the groom. I think I would honestly rather listen to Jamie Foxx sing ‘get down girl go head get down’ repeatedly for twenty minutes.

I do have to admit Ronson got better as the night went on (or I as got drunker) and all was forgiven when she hit up her early nineties R&B playlist.

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