Jamie Dornan’s Shirtless ‘Interview Magazine’ Outtakes Are Here For You Viewing Pleasure

10 Jamie Dornan GIFs
Because everything is better in shirtless GIF form.
Now, maybe I’m naive, but I thought that bad things were supposed to happen on Friday the 13th.

But come on! How could any day that gives us brand new, shirtless Jamie Dornan photos be bad?! That’s what I thought.

Remember Jamie’s ridiculously sexy photoshoot with Interview Magazine last week? Well these are the outtakes from the Mert & Marcus photoshoot, given to us to make our lives better. 

I mean, my life feels better, doesn’t yours? I love how he photographs on camera. There’s a reason he was a model before the whole acting thing took off.

OK, can I be honest for a second? I didn’t like Fifty Shades of Grey. I read about half of it before I had to put it down because it was so awful (I only read well-written erotica, you guys). I scoffed at the idea of them making a movie, cause who wants to watch that? But now? I am 100% going to see that movie just to stare at Jamie. And actually, I probably would have done the same for Charlie Hunnam.

But since the movie doesn’t come out for more than half a year, launch the gallery to get your fill of shirtless and very sexy Jamie right now. Ahh, it’s indeed a very happy Friday.