Jamie Dornan & His Hot Self Film ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, Reminds Us Why He’s Also A Model

January 22nd, 2014 // 3 Comments
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Jamie Dornan Modeling
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So guys, I feel like we’re close enough for me to be honest with you, right? Good. So let me confess right now that I’m not that into Fifty Shades of Grey. At least I wasn’t that into it until they cast Jamie Dornan as the main character.

And while I’ll probably still never read the books, you can bet that I’ll be watching the movie. I mean, look at this man. Jamie was spotted on the Vancouver set today, filming scenes at a hardware store.

Wait, why isn’t he in a suit? 

Isn’t that Christian Grey’s thing? He always wears a suit? I could be making this up. Also, if photos of Jamie aren’t enough to make you happy, how about a video of him chatting with Vogue? The video might be old, but I just discovered it and I need to share.

So here’s the order of events: 1) watch the video, 2) launch the gallery to look at photos of the hottie and 3) let’s have a serious discussion about his hotness in the gallery. And go.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Ana

    words are not enough to describe how gorgeous…this man is…i mean..he has one of the most beautiful facial hair ive ever seen…and clean shaved he’s so handsome…he could be bald the man will still be HOT…The guys is a quite the catch if not to say THE CATCH..Good looking is an understatement..
    Besides hes looks..i mean..yes yes..he was a model…most models are eyecandy…but he is much more than just an beautiful face, he’s very talented, the guy can sing…they guy can act..his tv show, The Fall he does an hands down job as a serial killer, paul spector, he makes you forget about his perfect features and transforms himself in this creep..hes so intense. SOoo look out hollywood..Here is the big next thing..and not because FSOG…but because the roles that he’ll get after his breakthrough.

  2. The video is actually brand new. It’s from his Spring 2014 Hogan campaign

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