James, Your The State of Your Estate Is Officially Bonkers.

January 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Adding to the legal drama surrounding James Brown’s estate are his six adult children, who are calling foul on the trustees of their father’s will, Albert “Buddy” Dallas, David Cannon and Alford Bradley. According to court documents filed by the progeny of the Godfather of Soul, these three “have mismanaged and otherwise dissipated assets and income of the trust to the detriment of James Brown.” E! News Online reports:

The 33-page filing came a day after the children tried to block the three trustees and others from entering the Godfather of Soul’s mansion in Beech Island, South Carolina. Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene by the Browns but left without making any arrests, since the trustees are still legally in charge of managing of the singer’s assets.

Still, the children say a security officer on the property saw the trustees videotaping and photographing areas of the home. The guard also claims to have witnessed “some members of the group remove a document of some sort from a secret location in the home,” per court documents.

Of the three trustees, Dallas has openly defended himself, pointing out that the children have sued their father in the past, in an attempt to cast doubts on their intentions. Also, this is a completely separate legal brouhaha than the one in which James’ long-time girlfriend, Tomi Rae Hynie, in cause you were able to follow all of that. I think I may have to wait until this scenario plays out in a very tidy episode of Law & Order, so that I can fully understand just what the hell is going on.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. glenda

    Everyone wants a piece of the pie. This same BS will his kids occurred before the guy was died. It’s a damn shame the way relatives start fighting when there is money involved. I say have a paternity test done on the little one and then give me access estate with a trustee. Cut the rest of the whoremongers out of the will altogether! Vultures!

  2. Yummsh

    If there was ever an argument that called for a dance-off to settle it, it’s this one.

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