James Marsden Talks Love and A Woman’s Power

In a recent interview with Women’s Health Magazine, James Marsden, actor and former model for Versace, sat down to discuss love and the power that he feels women have in understanding men. With a new movie, The Box, set to come out soon, Marsden got a little more personal, opening up about love, and his five year relationship with his wife.

Expressing the significance of marriage, he claimed that, “Once you marry there is a huge difference. It’s a different mindset. If you already have a great relationship, it’ll only sweeten the deal.”

Growing up in Oklahoma, instilled with the values of Southern chivalry, Marsden gained some valuable lessons about love; having learned that with love, you can’t “try to intellectualize it or understand it. That’s the beauty of [it].”

Nonetheless, he still feels that woman have a certain power in understanding the way men work; claiming that “a woman can always tell when a man [is being genuine and effortless].” Apparently, its not about trying, its all about letting things fall into place the way they should.