James Franco’s Body Of Work Is Diverse, If Not Totally Random

Whether playing a villain in Spider-Man, a hiker who has to chop off his hand, Harvey Milk’s lover, or himself as a lover of Japenese body pillows on 30 Rock, James Franco’s career is certainly multi-faceted.

And while the bizarre actor continues to shock, it seems he’s given us a collection of short stories to accompany his life as an actor, now giving us a taste of Franco the author, seen above signing copies of his book yesterday in New York.

The collection, entitled Palo Alto, that deals with the pains of teenage life, including drinking, racism, sex, murder. In each story, one or more protagonist is valiantly trying to claw his way out of suburban muck.

And there’s even a story that is basically ripped from the headlines wherein a boy makes plans to kill a gay-bashing bully. But, gun in hand, he winds up contemplating the shared humanity of us all. Hope triumphs.

I guess I’ll have to pick up said collection and give it a glance.