James Franco To Play Robert Mapplethorpe?

James Franco might be set to play another controversial artist, fresh off the heels of his portrayal of Allen Ginsberg in Howl. The actor was recently approached to play Robert Mapplethorpe in a possible biopic. Franco is turning into quite the hot commodity, also garnering praise for his performance in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours. What a talented, adorable little weirdo!

At the Hamptons International Film Festival on Saturday, where 127 Hours was screened, documentary filmmaker Ondi Timoner asked Franco during a Q&A if he’d be interested in the role of Mapplethorpe. Timoner has a script for the film and is courting Charlotte Gainsbourg to play Mapplethorpe’s lover/collaborator Patti Smith.

The eccentric actor responded with an enthusiastic, “I’m your man.” I guess look out for this one during next year’s holiday Oscar-hopeful releases…