James Franco To Get Soapy On ‘General Hospital’

Movie star, James Franco, is going to be taking a break from his film career–which includes filming Eat, Pray, Love with romantic comedy queen, Julia Roberts–for a guest stint on a daytime soap.

The Golden Globe winner will be making his way to ABC’s General Hospital. The show’s star, Steve Burton, confirmed the news, and also commented on the rumor that Vanessa Marcil is returning to the series. Burton wrote on his Twitter page, “Franco is…dont know about Vanessa.”

More information has emerged on the ABC Soaps in Depth website, “We hear that Franco will work a few days a week on the GH set, taping several shows a day. A source says that Franco ‘wants to do everything’ and would take on his GH role as research for an upcoming film project.” He must be prepping for a movie role as an evil twin who wakes up from a coma only to find that he’s got amnesia.

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