James Franco: Performance Artist or Pretentious Asshole?

For the record, I don’t plan to answer that question.  I just like to promote dialogue.  And hate mail.

So you guys remember when James Franco started working on General Hospital and mentioned something about it being ‘performance art?’  Well, it looks as though his vague notions have come to fruition as “Soap at MOCA: James Franco on General Hospital” at the Pacific Design Center this past Thursday night.

Confused?  Get used to it.  The event included a ‘taping of an episode of General Hospital, the event of watching the taping, the episode that will be broadcast on TV, and a film that Franco is making about the experience, which MOCA plans to screen at the museum.’  Essentially, an art show within a television show, within an art show.

I’m not going to get into the plot of this episode, which includes Franco’s character displaying his art at the Pacific Design Center purely to lure his nemesis there from Port Charles, but really, who cares?  Nothing can beat the late, great Passions.  They had a living doll AND a monkey!

In all seriousness, there’s a lot of talk about ‘low-brow entertainment forms with high class art,’ which really just seems like a slap in the face to soap fans.  They don’t care about performance art or heady, esoteric theories, and it’s not because they’re stupid or lack imagination, but because they aren’t fucking billionaires who have the time to dick around at Yale or dabble in acting (and by acting I mean weed).  Most people spend their time trying to feed their families, or fill the few moments they don’t spend doing that trying to relax by watching the Daily Show.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not art bashing.  I love art.  Art your little heart out, James Franco!  Maybe I’ll just quit while I’m ahead.

Here’s Franco at the event neither acting nor arting (I’ve decided art can be a verb; live with it).  Don’t even ask why it looks like the pictures were taken with a iPhone.