James Franco Is Ricky Stanicky

Even though James Franco has a lot of studying in his future, he does not plan to disappear from Hollywood. He and Kirsten Dunst hit the red carpet for Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday (May 20) after of his film The Clerk’s Tale (and Dunst’s Bastard).

Some of those pictures are freaking me out like a fun house mirror. From far away everything’s fine and then when the shots get closer Kristen gets bigger and James gets smaller… then she looks like a totally different person in the close ups. Can a photo of James Franco give you a contact high?

Anyway, Franco has also just been cast in a new movie about three teens that accidentally burn down a house after a prank and invent the persona of Ricky Stanicky to take the fall. It works so well that each of them uses the imaginary fall guy for the next twenty years until their wives request a face to face with Ricky. Enter a hired actor played by Franco. Sounds like it could be funny, although it’s really irresponsible to give Linday Lohan a new idea for an excuse.