James Franco Gets Proud And A Tad Vague With Kalup Linzy

Location: Gay Pride in L.A.

Characters: Director/Actor/Obscure Artist James Franco and video artist Kalup Linzy.

Bizarre Scenario: Some lucky video-grapher stumbled upon Franco and Linzy, talking about their soon-to-be collaboration which somehow involves Franco’s stint on General Hospital. Franco will even be projecting an outdoor video installation of his backstage experiences at General Hospital onto the walls on MOCA, and believe it or not, they’re calling it art.

No I kid, I actually kind of dig that Franco does his own thing, even if the general public will never understand. Anyway, Franco and Linzy are (by the extreme vagueness of this video, who can really know) apparently collaborating as Linzy may be joining the General Hospital cast as an artist (huge stretch, in fact). All this may actually get me to join my mom and watch the stank that is General Hospital, and of course, to see what Franco’s gorgeous god forsaken face is up to.

Check out the video of Linzy and Franco mumble-jumbling about their future plans together after the jump.

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