James Brown’s Wife Forgot Her Keys

December 26th, 2006 // 7 Comments

James Brown’s wife has been barred from their home in the wake of his death.

James Brown’s widow said Monday she was denied access to the home she shared with the singer and their 5-year-old son, claiming the gate was padlocked at the request of Brown’s lawyer and accountant.

Tomi Rae Brown, who was one of James Brown’s backup singers, said she was at a retreat when her 73-year-old husband died shortly after he was hospitalized in Atlanta.
“The last thing he said to me was, ‘I love you baby and I’ll see you soon,’” she told The Augusta Chronicle.

But when she returned to their home hours after her husband died of heart failure, security guards told her James Brown’s lawyer, Buddy Dallas, and accountant, David Cannon, said she was not allowed inside, she said.

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James Brown’s Widow Locked Out [USA Today]

She said she does not own the deed to the home, but said she had a legal right to live there.

“This is my home,” she told a reporter for the newspaper outside the gate of the house. “I don’t have any money. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

Cannon would not comment on the situation, the newspaper said. Phone messages left for Dallas was not immediately returned to The Associated Press.

They could have the decency to at least let her collect a nightgown and a couple of James’ wigs and maybe a gold record or two to pawn. Cause’ it sounds like she’s gonna need to. It’s a man’s world!

By J. Harvey

  1. Draya

    This woman needs to explain why she was spending Christmas away from her “loving” husband, when he was DYING OF PNEUMONIA. Why didn’t immediately go to her husband’s deathbed? B*tch is full of full of sh*t. She might also want to explain WHY she doesn’t have keys to the house she’s lived in for five years.

    Poor James Brown probably told the laywer and accountant on his deathbed, “Don’t let that money grubbing whore in my house if I croak. She’ll back up a moving truck and rob me blind!”

    James Brown was smart man. No way is this b*tch getting his money.

  2. psssst

    well, first of all, reports say that the house has been padlocked. that means that a lock has been added to the door, pretty much rendering useless any house keys she may or may not have had.

    this also seems pretty harsh, since she is the mother of his 5 year old son. i can see them not letting her have anything, but surely he would want his son to have a place to sleep. unless it’s not his son, dun dun dun…..

  3. She looks like Gretchen Bonaduce.


  4. jen

    I say that she gets what she deserves. If you’re gonna play the lotto make sure that you have your ticket! She should’ve made sure that her marriage situation was squeaky clean and all her money was straight before she left him. When you snooze you lose, Toni! I hope she gets something out of the deal because You gotta pay to play, Mr. Brown! She was smart to have a kid but very dumb not to have her money straight. Damn, how hard is it to get a $2 lawyer to make sure your green is safe! Idiot!!

  5. a little bird

    if you think for a second that man wasn’t in total control and more than a little nuts, you are clueless! if he had wanted her gone, she would have been gone already. she was with him for better or worse. tomi deserves to have a comfortable life after all she’s been through, so she can raise their son in peace, finally. great artist, yes he was. great husband and father, doubt it. there’s no excuse to treat your family this way. way to have the last word james.

  6. Linda

    These white women will sell their souls to the devil for wealth!!!! She had a child to make sure she always had money and a luxurious lifestyle. Children are always used as pawns. Of course, James should have known that if he were a regular “joe”, she would have never given him the time of day. They just got to have a white women to share the wealth!!! I am disappointed in that! Hope she gets NOTHING!!!

  7. corrie

    r.i.p james brown..u will be greatly missed! i think his wife deserves something

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