James Brown’s Widow Sues For Her Gold-Digging Profits

James Brown’s widow is sueing for her half of the estate and *sob* her son’s toys . That “toys” riff is a devious attempt at getting the public and the legal establishment on her side and damnit, I’m totally falling for it. Seriously, how can you deny a kid his…wait, what are the kids playing with today besides guns? I can’t think of anything. Seriously, give the kid his gun back!

James Brown’s widow Tomi Rae Hynie is suing her late husband’s kids, demanding half of his estate and the return of her son’s toys.

The singer, who was left out of Brown’s will, insists furniture at the South Carolina home she shared with the soul star rightfully belongs to her, and she has been unable to gain entry to the estate to claim it.

I saw this chick on TV and she’s about three exits past sane. That kid is going to grow up being able to do splits and scream “Watch yoself!” but he’s also probably going to end up keeping her mummified corpse in the basement due to her being a crazy abusive gold-digging loon who made him live in a tent outside the locked gates of Jim Brown’s house.

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