James Brown Is Done Waiting

With all of the legal battles going on over where to bury Anna Nicole Smith, it’s nice to hear that James Brown is finally going to be laid to rest. Since his death at the end of last year, he’s been in legal limbo, as his partner, Tomi Rae Hynie, and six adult children have been warring in court to determine where he should be buried. But now, it seems that all parties involved have come to a compromise. According to CNN, Robert Rosen, Hynie’s lawyer, said that Brown’s burial would most likely take place within the “next few days.” As for Brown’s estate:

Meanwhile, a judge in a ruling made public Tuesday said the trustees accused of mismanaging Brown’s estate will keep handling his property and trust, but a special administrator will oversee their work.

The only thing that could possibly make this more of a cluster-fuck than it already has been, would be if somehow James Brown was the father of Anna Nicole’s baby. OMG, as horrible of a legal entanglement that would end up being, it would also totally rule.