James Blunt Thinks Partying is Beautiful

August 14th, 2007 // 7 Comments

This man sure never wants for women. James Blunt, the British faux-sensitive singer guy, enjoyed playing “musical ladies” this weekend, first at a club in NYC on Friday and then in the Hamptons at a concert on Saturday. James first got his swerve on with Mischa Barton at James Taylor’s Hamptons Social @ Ross concert. He was greeted by Barton with a big hug and an exclamation of “There he is!” Apparently, they enjoyed some dessert together until Blunt got bored and wandered over to hang with the Olsen twins. After hanging out and swaying to the music with the tiny twinlets, Blunt returned to Mischa and then when she ditched him, he managed to keep himself busy with the other women in the room. I just don’t get the appeal. Personally, if he’s going to be honest about how he feels, his famous song lyric should be, “You’re available.” I hope his next album has a very touching single on it, entitled, “Beer Goggles.”

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    Lisa – Don’t worry, not many get his appeal.

    To read something funny about James Blunt from the book ‘Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit?’ click this link :


    Altogether now….you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful

  2. T-Bone

    So does he just have the one hit?

  3. newfgirl

    Another case of “I have a really annoying, one hit wonder (she said, hopefully) song. I’m incredibly ugly but I’m worth millions. And oh, by the way… my name is James. Want to shag?”

  4. green cardigan

    Hi T-Bone, no James Fart sorry Blunt has a couple of other lame efforts since You’re Beautiful. Goodbye My Lover for one. God, why am I admitting to this? I can’t stand him! But I can’t stop looking all the same!
    It’s like looking at a dead animal on the road, you want to turn your eyes away but you can’t.

  5. T-Bone

    Or a train wreck…;)

    But seriously, I saw him on t.v. and he reminded me of some sort of crazy space alien. I was frightened.

  6. green cardigan

    ‘Crazy Space Alien’ would be a pretty accurate description. He’s a total geek, and since hitting the jackpot with ‘you’re beautiful’ has been running around with models and actresses. The guy probably can’t believe his luck. anfd the way he sings, God , it makes me lunge across the room at the radio to turn it off.

  7. ZeldaF

    See, now I never really thought of that horrendous sound coming out of his mouth as singing; sounds more like a cat in heat…. I just can NOT tolerate that song, I’d lunge across the room, walking on red hot coals to turn off that shit…. Yep, the guy got really lucky. Let’s all just hope he now fades into obscurity and we never have to hear another one of his screeching “songs”. God, please.

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