James Blunt Ran Over Someone

That’s not beautiful. James Blunt ran over the foot of an autograph seeker after an Oscar party the other night. Ouch. Maybe it was one of those guys who just want it to sell on EBay and isn’t a real fan and James has had it.

The sensitive Brit singer was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles early Saturday while leaving a pre-Academy Award bash in which his car ran over the foot of a male bystander.

Whatever the 32-year-old ex-soldier’s role, neither he nor his girlfriend passenger, model Petra Nemcova, reportedly suffered any injuries.

The same can’t necessarily be said for the man whose foot was on the receiving end of the vehicle. While the man has not been formally identified, several reports peg him as an autograph-hunter.

The LAPD didn’t say for certain that Blunt was driving, he could have been just a passenger. He wasn’t too disturbed. It’s just a foot. He went on to perform with Elton John on Saturday night at Soho House in L.A. Like I said, it’s just a foot. The guy can still use a cane or something or hobble around to get autographs. You get two, fer chrissakes. Pansy. His girlfriend hung from a tree for hours during the tsunami with a broken pelvis. I don’t see her whining about it!