James Blunt Gets His Rocks Off

Singer James Blunt has purchased a gun that shoots rocks at his fans. This is no stunt that you will see at a concert of the 32 year- old Brit. He has purchased the weapon to scare away crazed fans from his holiday retreat in Ibiza. The singer who is dating Petra Nemcova is amazed that people have already found his getaway home off the coast of Spain.

I guess Mr. Blunt was absent the day they distributed the syllabus on how to act like a celebrity. Let me give you a refresher on that subject, you are never alone, there are always going to be people (especially fans) at your house, in the airport, and the grocery store. You are famous James, and you have hit songs playing on the radio now – so you might not get the privacy you want all the time. Hire security- but don’t pummel your fans with rocks, it’s not the greatest PR strategy. Another reason it’s not such a good idea to shoot at your fans, these are the people that buy your records, and go to your concerts that allow you to have that beautiful island getaway.

More photos of James Blunt and Petra Nemcova aboard Penelope Cruz’s yacht are after the jump.

James Blunt Shoots Rocks at People [Starpulse]

Written by Christy Pastore

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