James Blunt and Lindsay Lohan?

Ugh. This James Blunt character is very tiresome to me. I know that maybe there are some people out there who like his “You’re Beautiful” song, but I personally find it very annoying. Also, if i were ever dating a guy who sang that to me as warbly and patronizingly as he does, I’d probably just punch him in the face, screaming, “Liar!” Whoah. I think I’m actually scaring myself. In any case, it looks like he’s giving me one more reason to doubt his sincerity–a possible romantic relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

The crooner and the “Mean Girls” star were spotted leaving a Hollywood nightclub together. Lohan tried to hide from onlookers under her coat — and fan sites about the starlet are buzzing that they spent the night at Lohan’s place.

I thought she was supposed to be hooking up with Jude Law? Well, not that I think he’s so great, but at least with Jude, you wouldn’t have to worry about waking up by being gently sung to. I imagine James says things like, “Your eyes remind me of the sunrise.” And I’d be forced to smack him around, just to get him to stop being poetic. And even then, I could see him saying, “Violence is the language of lovers,” and I’d eventually give up.