James Van Der Beek’s New TV Show, Dawson’s Crying Face, And A Possible Reunion For Dawson’s Creek [VIDEO]

James and his family
Says he wants his kids and Suri Cruise to have a play date!
You probably remember James Van Der Beek for his role in Dawson’s Creek back in the 90’s, if not there’s a  very good chance you saw the infamous video him crying in one of the show’s season finales!

Nine years after the success of Dawson’s Creek, the 35-year-old is making a comeback starring in ABC’s new comedy Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23! The show has him playing himself as well as the “gay straight best friend” to Chloe (Krysten Ritter), who gets girls into bed by reminiscing about Dawson’s Creek.

During a recent interview with HuffPost TV, the actor was asked whether there was a chance we’d see a former cast member on his new show. He replied:

I would love that. There aren’t any in Season 1 so it would have to be Season 2. Knock wood. If we get picked up for Season 2, I would love that. I think it’d be great.

Check out the rest of Van Der Beek interview, as well as his crying scene that became famous!

The actor also told HuffPost TV that he never thought his crying scene would be used to mock him. When asked if it took him a while to get comfortable making fun of himself, he said:

Yeah. It did. But it’s so much more fun to not take yourself so seriously. This is the kind of sense of humor I’ve always had, but then, I think once you get lucky enough to have the kind of success that I stepped into, you feel like you have something to protect or something to lose. So then you take yourself a little bit more seriously for a bit and then, you take a look around and you realize it’s a lot more fun to have a laugh.

Van Der Beek appeared on a couple of episodes of Funny or Die and hilariously poked fun at himself. Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 aired its first episode last night on ABC, but make sure to catch the next episode next week at 9:30 pm ET!