James Van Der Beek Wants His Daughter To Have a Playdate With Suri Cruise

New super dad James Van Der Beek is nothing but excited about his baby girl. From his constant Twitter updates and his possible television comeback, James seems to be loving life right now. Recently, Van Der Beek talked about his concern with positive influences for his daughter Olivia. He thinks whacky Tom Cruise’s daughter would be the perfect fit.

“I’d love to plan a playdate with Suri. She is much older than Olivia, so Suri would probably get bored. But I think she’d make a good older sister-type playmate if they hung out,” James said.

Seen here with his wife Kimberly Brook and daughter Olivia, James Van Der Beek attends The Pampers 50th Birthday Celebration in New York City on June 16th. James looks super hot as the doting father and his wife is gorgeous in her two toned day dress. Its amazing what parenthood will do for celebs! Its like seeing whatever happened to Dawson Leery after he finished graduate school. Fascinating!