James Pryce On How To Get Kate Middleton’s Hair

Back in December, we spoke to hair stylist James Pryce, the man responsible for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s to-die-for hair.  Pryce styled Catherine’s hair for her engagement announcement at Clarence House back in November 2010, as well as for her wedding to Prince William on April 29th, 2011.  

Following that momentous occasion, Pryce accompanied the Duke and Duchess on their North American tour, ensuring that Catherine’s locks got as much press as her outfits did.

Though he was careful not to recall his experiences with Catherine (Pryce was caught in a media storm at the time over his parting with the Richard Ward Salon, which counts the Middleton ladies as clients), the London-based hair guru did offer up some tips on making one’s hair almost as beautiful as Catherine’s.  Almost.

SL: I noticed that Catherine’s hair had a lot of extra  body the night before her wedding. Did you use a special treatment for her ‘do  so that it would withstand the events of April 29th?
JP: As with any  bride, I make certain that they use a good conditioning mask  (like Shu Uemura masks) on the hair once a week in the lead-up to their wedding in order to give it a boost of shine, body, condition and beauty. 

SL: Many hairdressers have a preference of long hair vs. short hair and yours is clearly long. What advice do you have for girls with  long hair as far as styling?
JP: You may be surprised to hear that my  passion is actually cutting short hair. I love the intricacy and the precision needed in cutting short hair–which is far more of a challenge, as there is no room for error.  Any mistake in a short hair style is very  difficult to rectify.  When I mastered the art of cutting short  hair–with precision techniques,  cutting long hair became easy. My  advice for styling hair is to ensure that you use a serum which protects it from heat appliances.  In addition, try using a  bristle brush and a good hair dryer with a nozzle. Perhaps ask your  stylist to show you how to use it properly.

SL: How do you get Catherine’s curls to stay put? Many (present company included) see their curls go flat after 20 minutes.  
JP: To ensure that curls stay put, start with a good blow-drying spray, like L’Oreal volumizing spray. You might try velcro or heated rollers–Just be sure to allow them to cool down completely before taking them out.  

SL: You did Catherine’s hair for the wedding. The bridal suite must have been jam-packed with excitement. Was this is a significant moment for you?  
JP: The whole Royal Wedding day was a truly magical experience and one that I feel deeply proud to have been an integral part of.  

SL: How did you get the tiara to stay in place?
JP: As with any hair accessory–tiara or otherwise, making sure it is secure is extremely important. A great trick for securing is to sew the base onto to a  small hidden plat.

SL: How does the common gal obtain that shine and gloss  that Catherine’s hair possesses?
I think the key to attaining  noticeable hair is to have a cut that suits YOUR hair type. For instance, if you have frizzy, thin hair, then trying to achieve a style better suited to long, straight hair is not for you.  Really, you want your hair to look as good as it possibly can with the least amount of effort, so just stay true to what will make your OWN hair type look its most beautiful.