James Maslow Gets A Perfect Score And Takes His Biggest Fan To Disneyland…Because He’s Perfect

Big Time Rush Take Flight
The boys catch a plane in Hawaii!
We’ve looked at James Maslow’s Instagram in all it’s glory and seen him being adorable for Dancing With The Stars, so we already knew he was pretty great. Here’s some more proof.

James has had an eventful week, starting with taking his biggest fan, a girl named Hannah, to Disneyland. That’s right, James put on his mouse ears and made this girls dreams come true in the happiest place on earth. Who does he even think he is, stealing hearts like this? 

As if that wasn’t enough, when Hannah wanted James to be her prom date, he decided to make that dream come true too. He invited her on the most recent episode of Dancing With The Stars and danced on stage with Hannah to her favorite song, “Amazing” by Big Time Rush. Stop, it’s all too adorable!

James was touched by the experience, saying, “We just started dancing and she was so composed and happy, and then I started singing the chorus and she just broke down and was giggling and laughing and let loose. It was nice seeing that moment — seeing the true Hannah that wasn’t trying to impress me or be cool in front of me was amazing.”

To top it all off, that night on the show James got the first perfect score of the season! Instead of thanking the usual suspects he said, “I think Hannah’s my good luck charm! That was the first time I got 40, so I might need to fly her back out if I don’t keep my scores up.”

So, basically, there’s no one more perfect than James Maslow. Agreed? Great. Also, those muscles and abs. Just saying.