James Marsden Films ‘Bachelorette’ In Manhattan [PHOTOS]

James Marsden look positively delicious in a suit while filming Bachelorette in Manhattan today.  Marsden is part of an all-star cast, including Adam Scott, Isla Fischer (sing us an Enchanted duet, guys), Kirsten Dunst, Casey Wilson, Lizzie Caplan (Janice from Mean Girls) and Rebel Wilson (Kristen Wiig’s roommate, Brynn from Bridesmaids).

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Adapted from an off-Broadway play, Bachelorette is about a group of twentysomething women who meet up with their friend, played by Dunst, the night before her wedding.  The girls spend the evening getting sauced and ridiculing the bride, just like they did in high school.

We’re definitely seeing this.